Keep cool in ‘Hotlanta’: Atlanta Heat Safety Resources

Atlanta children making a splash in the summer heat

Summers in “Hotlanta” conjure images of lazy days basking in the warmth. But high temperatures and blazing sunshine call for some precautions, so we’ve compiled a list of local resources that can help you enjoy the summer months safely, and stress-free. Read on for some important Atlanta heat safety tips for the whole family – from UV skin protection to heat safety for the kids.


Protect Your Skin: Look for ‘Broad Spectrum’ sunblock with UVA and UVB protection.
Getting a golden glow is one of summer’s many pleasures, but it’s important to protect your skin from the sun. In this Fox Atlanta video, learn about the proper use of sunscreen, summer make-up tips, and why UV protection is so important.

Protect your pets:Talk to your vet about pet-friendly sunblock if your furry friend has short hair and pink skin.
Our four-legged family members love the summer as much as us, but heat stroke and other dangers mean that pooch needs sun protection, too. This article by Atlanta Pet Partners lists several important considerations to make safety in the sun easier.

Keep kids safe: Prevent dehydration by having kids drink water until they’re no longer thirsty–plus another eight ounces–30 minutes before outdoor activity. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has dedicated an entire section of its site to Atlanta heat safety for kids. From playground and fireworks precautions to sun and UV protection, learn more about keeping kids safe in the summer.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures: During the hottest part of the day (11 a.m. to 5 p.m.), avoid sun exposure and strenuous activity outdoors.
As the summer mercury rises, Atlantans come out to play. But high temperatures can slow our fun if we don’t take a few precautions. Learn more about Atlanta heat safety from Air Conditioning Atlanta’s guide on extreme temperatures.

Be aware of heat advisories: Prepare for extreme heat spells by signing up for weather alerts. Atlantans are no strangers to triple-digit temperatures. Fortunately, several local television stations (such as NBC’s offer free text and voice mail alerts to help you stay out of harm’s way – for high heat, and other weather emergencies.

Cool-off when your A/C goes on strike: Stay comfortable with these alternative cooling techniques. During Atlanta’s scorching summers, air conditioning isn’t a luxury – it can be a necessity. That’s why it’s important to know about alternative cooling techniques, such as taking cool showers, drawing the curtains, and using a fan in the event that your A/C unit or power goes out. The Atlanta Journal Constitution offers several additional tips for beating the heat.

Know the signs of heat stroke: Being prepared means recognizing and responding quickly. Heat stroke can strike suddenly, which is why the Atlanta Medical Center created this page to help recognize this serious condition’s symptoms (such as disorientation, headaches, and rapid heartbeat) and respond quickly. Aside from calling 911, response suggestions include moving heat stroke victims to cool, shaded spots and applying ice packs until emergency medical personnel arrive.

Never leave kids or pets in hot cars: The temperatures can quickly spike inside a car – even with the windows rolled down. Don’t underestimate the dangers of hot cars by assuming lowered windows or only short periods left unattended will keep kids and pets safe. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta offers important warnings about these and other misconceptions that can lead to unsafe car conditions.

As with most good things, summer fun is often best enjoyed in moderation. Using these local resources can help your family enjoy a full season’s worth of sun and fun safely and healthily.

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