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Caregiving for the Elderly Brings Insurance Changes

November 7, 2013 by

Atlantans are growing older. The Atlanta Regional Commission says senior citizens could make up 20 percent of the metropolitan region... Read More

Insurance and Divorce: Things to Consider When You Part Ways

September 5, 2013 by

We all think that it will never happen to us, but relationships sometimes fail. Whatever the reason for the end,... Read More

Atlanta Farmers Markets Can Do Your Pocketbook Good

August 23, 2013 by

Traditional farmers markets have seen a resurgence in the past decade, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The reasons are... Read More

Four Big Questions For Atlanta Newlyweds to Consider

July 10, 2013 by

You’re getting married? Congratulations! But now you’re so busy, right? You’re probably spending the bulk of your time managing caterers... Read More

Marriage and Money: Tips for Talking Finances

April 10, 2013 by

There is no denying that a good marriage can be a wonderful journey. But it can also be a challenging... Read More

8 Uses For Your Georgia Tax Refund

April 10, 2013 by

If you filed your taxes early this year, and are eligible to receive a tax refund, you may soon receive... Read More

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