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Renting is on the rise in Atlanta—the city has become a hot spot for rental homes, according to FOX 5 Atlanta. The perks of renting a home include not being tied to a mortgage and letting your landlord handle many of the repairs. If your place needs a repair, or you have a question about the terms of your lease, it’s helpful to learn what leeway you have as a renter. To start, check out the list of Atlanta renting resources, tips and information below.

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In addition to the security deposit, the landlord may require an application fee, cleaning fee, pet deposit, advance rent deposit, or other fees, according to the Georgia Landlord Tenant Handbook.

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs equips you with the Georgia Landlord Tenant Handbook which covers security deposits to repairs to lease specifics. The helpful question-and-answer-style guide answers queries such as what to do if your roommate doesn’t pay rent and how long a landlord has to return a security deposit.

If your rental property has been foreclosed, the new owner must give you 90 days to move out if they plan on living in the home, according to Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, also known as HUD, has a list of local tenant rights, laws and protections, including information on a new federal law to protect renters in foreclosed properties. HUD’s resources also links to a few sites that help track down new rentals in the area, such as the, which highlights affordable and accessible housing.

State and federal programs, as well as non-profit and charitable organizations are available to provide rental assistance to Atlanta residents.

If you’re struggling with rent, Rent Assistance provides a directory of regional agencies and organizations that can help you with rent or other living expenses. Check out the site for listings—of government organizations, non-profits, and charities—that offer rental assistance programs.

In this digital age, Curbed Atlanta reminds us not to forget old-school methods for apartment hunting—such as walking your preferred neighborhood to spot ‘for rent’ signs.

Looking for a new place, but tired of scouring Craigslist ads? Check out these ideas from Curbed Atlanta. Their suggestions include traditional methods, such as checking local coffee shop boards for apartment listings, and online tips, like reaching out to your network of Facebook friends to see if they know of any available units.


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