In Chicago, Comprehensive Coverage is a Good Idea for Your Car

If you’re a Chicago driver, you most likely have some form of liability coverage as part of your auto insurance policy. But with our city’s ever-changing weather, you may want to consider additional car insurance coverage.

The Illinois State Climatologist’s Office says factors such as the movement of the polar jet stream, the urban environment and Lake Michigan all contribute to weather conditions here, which include storms that can bring lightning, high winds and even hail.

Street parking is the norm for many residents in Chicago, and aside from securing a city sticker and finding a spot near your building, leaving your car exposed to inclement weather — and potential criminal activity — can be major concerns.

If you walk out of your place to find your car has, for example, a shattered windshield, a car insurance policy with comprehensive coverage may have you covered. 

Comprehensive coverage covers a range of losses that cause damage to your car that aren’t related to a collision, such as vandalism, theft and even natural disasters. Coverage varies by policy, so check with your agent for details.

Learn more about comprehensive coverage in the video below.

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