Why You Should Change Your Furnace Filter Regularly During Denver Summers

Over the past three decades, Denver officials have made improving air quality a focus in the Mile High City. Some of the initiatives to reduce air pollution in the Denver metro area: auto emissions testing; wood burning and street sanding regulations; and the establishment of the 22-member, governor-appointed Regional Air Quality Council.

With the city’s focus on outdoor air quality, it’s also important to remember that indoor air can affect how well you breathe, too. Now that Denver summer is in full swing – July and August highs are typically in the upper 80s – consider how the continuous use of your air-conditioning unit can mean faster buildup of dust, pet dander, pollen and other particles inside your home.

The American Lung Association says when to change filters depends on the type of filter you have – whether it’s the standard fiberglass panel, washable or high-efficiency – as well as your furnace manufacturer’s guidelines. And the improvement in indoor air quality also depends on the type and quality of your filter, according to the ALA.

In the video below, expert contractor Mike Holmes explains that changing your furnace filter regularly is also an easy way to increase the efficiency of your furnace. 

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