Truck Is Top-Seller in Houston, But Imports and ‘Green’ Cars On the Rise

The old saying that everything’s bigger in Texas might just be true: A study by consumer credit agency Experian shows that the most commonly purchased vehicle in the Houston area (and all of Texas, for that matter) is the Ford F-150 truck. That might not come as a surprise to long-time Houston residents accustomed to the sight of trucks and other over-sized vehicles on our freeways.

Tom Daigle of Houston-based online car retailer Texas Auto Direct confirms that impression. “Trucks, as always, are the best sellers. After all, it’s the Texas market, and people here do love them.”

Imports Perform Well

Daigle says that despite our love affair with larger vehicles, the Houston auto market is more diversified than we think. He notes that Houston is a massive market with an appetite for just about every sort of vehicle imaginable. Foreign cars and sedans constitute a significant portion of his sales.

“Imports are really popular, too. Brands like Lexus, Toyota and Honda also sell really well,” says Daigle.

The Experian data supports Daigle’s assertions; the Toyota Camry, another popular vehicle across the state, is the No. 2 seller in the Houston area. In fact, the Camry is the best-selling vehicle in 19 states, followed by the Ford F-150 in 13. That makes Houston not terribly different from the rest of the country when it comes to vehicle preferences, after all.

‘Green’ Cars

Experian’s study goes on to note that the most rapidly growing vehicle segment nationally is the so-called “green” vehicle segment, including hybrid and electric cars. Thanks to handsome federal and state subsidies in recent years and growing concern over environmental issues, drivers in many states are opting for these more fuel-efficient vehicle alternatives.

And, the trend in favor of green vehicles hasn’t passed Houston by. Daigle says he’s seen an increased interest in “green” vehicles, too. Houston’s Reliant Energy recently signed a deal with Nissan to build a handful of electric car charging stations throughout the metro area. (ChargePoint Network offers a map of current and future charging stations.) And, the city of Houston proudly features the Houston Drives Electric initiative, which, in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency and other government agencies, seeks to further the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles.

If you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, check with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Its website features a presumptive fair value widget for vehicles that can help you assess your deal. Plus, it’s replete with information on buying and selling vehicles, vehicle safety, and car insurance requirements. Whether your tastes favor heavy-duty trucks or hybrid sedans, it’s a good place to begin researching your next ride. See you on an H-town road!

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