Where to Charge your EV in Houston

Charging EV in Houston

Summer is synonymous with the open road, driving around town with the tunes turned up and the windows rolled down. But if you’ve gone electric, you’ll want to be sure you can power up at electric vehicle (EV) charging stations along your drive.

Plug-In Texas is committed to raising public awareness of the benefits of using electric vehicles in Texas and works hard to spread the development across the state. This active group is a clearinghouse for research and information about electric vehicles and supports initiatives that promote the industry. Locally, the Houston Electric Auto Association holds regular meetings, displays and shows to promote the use of EVs.

Houston is packed with charging opportunities. We’ve tracked down some of Houston’s EV charging stations, so you can get your charge and get back on the road. Check out the list below, or consult the Alternative Fuels Data Center’s map of Houston charging locations at the bottom of this post.

Similar charging stations are located at multiple Walgreen's locations in Houston.  Photo by: Mark Turnauckas via Flickr

Similar charging stations are located at multiple Walgreens stores in Houston. Photo by: Mark Turnauckas via Flickr CC BY 2.0

1. Track the charge. Use the city’s Green Houston website to easily track down the EV charging stations in your neighborhood. You can also track the charging stations across the state and country, in case you’d like to plan a road trip.

2. Ride to Walgreens. At least six Walgreens stores in Houston are equipped with electric vehicle charging stations. Now you can fill your prescription, while you fill up your car’s charge. The Walgreens on 19710 Holzwarth Street and 8942 West Sam Houston Parkway North are both equipped with electric vehicle charging stations.

3. Chow while you charge. Four Cracker Barrel locations in the greater Houston area offer charging stations, with 17 fast chargers. Each station includes one DC fast charger, capable of delivering 50 miles of charge in 15 minutes, and one Level 2 charger that delivers up to 25 miles of range for every hour plugged in. The Houston locations include: 24400 Eastex Freeway, 231 Gulf Freeway South, 11019 Shadow Creek Parkway and 18151 Katy Freeway.

By Ed Uthman, Houston, Texas, USA.   via Wikimedia Commons

Houston Heights Public Library. Photo By: Ed Uthman,via Wikimedia CC BY 3.0

4. Book it to a local library. Many of Houston’s libraries have public charging stations available in the parking lots, including Scenic Woods Regional Library, Park Place Regional Library and Houston Heights Library. You can track down these (and other car charging ports) by visiting chargepoint.com and searching “Houston.”

5. Power up at the supermarket. You can knock out two of the items on your to-do list by visiting your local grocery store, where you can shop and charge your car. Whole Foods (including the location on 401 Waugh Drive) and Kroger (including the locations on 1440 Studemont and 3300 Montrose Blvd) both have multiple Houston stores with EV charging stations available for public use.

AFDC’s Houston-Area Alternative Fueling Stations

Know of any other charging stations in your area? Share with us!

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