Phoenix Residents: How Does Your Home Size Measure Up?

Home Size Matters

Have you ever wondered how your condo in CenPho or ranch-style home in Deer Valley Village stacks up to others around the country? Our infographic shows how your Phoenix digs compare with other homes across the U.S.

For instance, did you know that per square foot, Phoenix is one of the more expensive cities in the nation? At more than $1,500 per square foot, that’s nearly five times more than Los Angeles and Seattle.  On the other hand, Detroit is one of the most affordable cities in the nation averaging $60 per square foot.

With Phoenix as the No. 6 most populous city in the U.S., you can see that where you live — central city? rural suburb? — might vary from national averages. Take a look below.

Does Your Home Size Measure Up?

home size matters Does Your Home Size Measure Up?

An infographic from the team at Quicken Loans.

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