Prevention-themed tips and advice for Phoenix homeowners. Covering everything from homeowners insurance to home maintenance, home security, and storm preparedness.

Educational, Entertaining Excursions off the Phoenix Light Rail

November 15, 2013 by

Ticket to ride The Phoenix Metropolitan Light Rail System is taxpayer-funded and managed by Valley Metro. The current Light Rail route... Read More

Forest Service Offers Live Tree Cutting Permits to AZ Residents

November 8, 2013 by

Thinking about taking the family to cut down your very own tree for Christmas this year? Then you may want... Read More

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treaters, Drivers and Homeowners

October 24, 2013 by

Watch out! Soon the streets will be crowded with vampires, zombies and maybe even a princess or two. Halloween is... Read More

Tips for Staying Safe During a Haboob

September 26, 2013 by

Haboob: It’s an unusual term for a very serious event – an intense dust storm that every Arizonan should know... Read More

Phoenix Housing Market Sees Price Increases for Homes, Condos

August 23, 2013 by

Researchers at Arizona State University say rising interest rates don’t appear to be affecting the Phoenix-area housing market, which is... Read More

4 Things Everyone Should Know Before Heading into the Phoenix Desert

If you’ve lived in the Phoenix area for any amount of time, you likely know it’s a camper’s dream. The... Read More

Heat Safety Resources for Hot Phoenix Weather

July 11, 2013 by

Residents of Maricopa County are no strangers to hot weather; we’ve learned to adapt to intense heat waves and unrelenting... Read More

Where to Live in Phoenix: 7 Cities For Your Budget and Lifestyle

July 2, 2013 by

When deciding on where to live in the Phoenix metro area–what’s known as the Valley–you have many neighborhoods to choose... Read More

Phoenix Residents: How Does Your Home Size Measure Up?

Have you ever wondered how your condo in CenPho or ranch-style home in Deer Valley Village stacks up to others around... Read More

Phoenix Police Reveal Top Home Security Tips

May 15, 2013 by

Imagine driving home after a long day at work. You’re tired, hungry and just want to get out of your... Read More

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