Is It Safe to Cross the Street in Phoenix?

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The city of Phoenix has announced a commitment to an overall 10 percent reduction in pedestrian crashes, injuries and deaths by the end of 2016.

And it has put in place a pedestrian safety action plan that will reconfigure streets with paved shoulders, more sidewalks, better illumination and specialized crossings. One  example of these improvements are HAWK crosswalks, which are activated by a pedestrian and stop traffic just long enough for a person to cross (they don’t hold up traffic as long as a conventional traffic signal).

Pedestrian Safety Tips
In the meantime, to stay safe as you walk, consider the city of Phoenix’s safety tips for pedestrians:

  • Always walk on the sidewalk. When there are no sidewalks, walk on the left side of the road facing traffic, so drivers will be able to see you.
  • Cross streets at crosswalks, signals or corners.
  • Stop a safe distance from the curb, and then look and listen for traffic.
  • If a parked car is blocking your view, step to the front of the car, look left, look right, and then look left again before crossing.
  • Push the “Pedestrian Walk” button for the “WALK” signal. It will give you more time to cross the street.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing. Be sure the drivers see you.
  • When walking at night, wear reflective, bright or light-colored clothing.

Safe Driving Tips
It’s also important to stay aware as a driver. Here are pedestrian safety driving tips from Mesa officials:

  • Wear sunglasses to avoid glare.
  • Keep your windshield and glasses clean.
  • Give pedestrians the right of way in a crosswalk, even if the crosswalk is unmarked.
  • Look for pedestrians stepping out from between parked cars.
  • Look for pedestrians before you enter or exit a driveway. Pedestrians might be less alert here than when crossing streets.
  • Use side windows to look around you before backing up. Checking mirrors is not enough.
  • Take extra care around buses, especially school buses.

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